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Sore jaw 10 days after bash

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austenozzy Mon 22-Jul-19 19:47:44

10 days ago I went sailing in a dinghy with some kids at a sailing club i volunteer at. We accidentally gybed and I got smacked very hard in the left temple by the boom. Seeing stars, dizzy etc. Swelling appeared, headache for a few days, sore side of head and jaw.

Most symptoms are gone, but it still moderately hurts my jaw and the impact site when I open my jaw fully and when chewing food.

Do you think it will subside or is there some kind of damage? It doesn’t feel like enough of a thing to take up a gp appointment.

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Nemesia1264 Mon 22-Jul-19 23:17:07

You should definitely go to the GP ASAP and really you should have gone at the time of the accident- but too late now. It is possible to fracture the 2 bony spurs at the top of the mandible and have similar symptoms to yours, especially since that part of your face took a nasty blow.

Glitter99x Tue 23-Jul-19 00:31:19

It would be good to get it checked, not a doctor, even if nothing wrong there is peace of mind. Chances are it will heal but you need to get it checked out.

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