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normal reaction to first jabs?

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puppydavies Mon 30-Jul-07 23:06:31

dd2 had her 8wk jabs friday afternoon, was fine the rest of the day. raised temp and grumpy on saturday, gave 2x 2.5ml doses of calpol.

yesterday and today although her temp seems back to normal (not warm to touch) she's been very out of sorts - crying, sleeping badly and waking crying from sleep, wanting to feed but then fussing at breast etc. very unlike her normal smiley placid self.

i was expecting a temp etc. for the first 24 hrs but is it usual to still be reacting 3+ days on? or could it be unrelated? she doesn't seem very unwell, just generally off colour - how long would you give her to pick up before getting her checked out?

fearscape Tue 31-Jul-07 09:16:35

I have just checked in the book they give you about immunisations and it says that it is normal for the baby to feel unwell for up to 48 hours. If she is still not herself, I'd personally take her to the doctor, or maybe the hv if you have a drop-in clinic. Hope she is feeling better now

puppydavies Tue 31-Jul-07 11:02:14

thanks for that fearscape, i thought this was beyond what they tell you to expect.

has anyone else had a reaction like this? have searched and found a couple of similar threads but then they aren't updated so you don't get to find out what the cause was in the end.

she slept well last night at least, but is still sad and needy when awake. i'm not desperately worried - and i'm unsure about taking her to docs just cos i can't see what they could do. as i said she doesn't seem very unwell, but it's quite upsetting to see my sunny girl so out of sorts. she's like a differnt baby (specifically, she's like her big sister, who was a very unhappy baby for the first 12 wks...)

TattyCatty Tue 31-Jul-07 12:14:30

My DD was miserable for up to 5 days after her first three sets of jabs - exactly as you described. Never really got much of a temperature, but we always braced ourselves for a rubbish week of sleep and feeding afterwards. I'd check with your GP to put your mind at rest, but don't think it's that unusual.

puppydavies Tue 31-Jul-07 12:41:01

thanks tc, it helps a lot to know she's not the only one - and that it does get better eventually!

puppydavies Fri 03-Aug-07 08:47:03

just wanted to update this in case anyone else is searching in future. dd is pretty much back to normal now, so 5 days+ to get over it, and i'm sure it was jab related and not a coincidental illness. so at least now we're forewarned for the next time and can plan future holidays etc. for the gaps in between the next sets.

thanks again for the responses.

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