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When is a splinter more serious?

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Flashesofrage Mon 22-Jul-19 01:07:24

Hi guys,

On Friday morning while outdoors on an activity, I put my hand down on an area of soil and got spiked by a thorn.

For a short while before it swelled up I could just about see a broken off tip deeply embedded in my hand 😬

The site is in the pad at the base of my thumb, close to my wrist. I cannot see the splinter at all and it is not in an area that I could dig around in with a pin.

The area is now red and swollen. It is slightly achey all of the time and I get a nerve twinge when moving my thumb around. A blister formed over the entry hole and at the moment only clear liquid comes out of it.

What exactly would you lot do if you had this? Thanks in advance 👍

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RangerLady Mon 22-Jul-19 01:37:18

I would visit the gp. As an outdoor worker I've seen this before and if it's a blackthorn thorn you've got it could easily be infected. Hot red and swollen are signs of infection any way. Doubt it's a really big deal but you may need antibiotics

Flashesofrage Mon 22-Jul-19 09:16:21

Thanks @RangerLady 😊

I suppose I didn’t think of leaving it in but having antibiotics anyway 👍

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RangerLady Mon 22-Jul-19 09:26:29

I got a tick head stuck in my leg once and my Dr just said "the body tends to expel foreign objects" !! Good luck

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