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Breast pain

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Elles20 Mon 30-Jul-07 21:36:58

Does anyone else suffer from severe stabbing pains in breast after feeding for up to two hours...... have ruled out thrush as only happens in one breast and after first feed of day only. No visible signs of anything in me or baby. Really want to carry on feeding but its becoming unbearable. Any ideas most welcome!!!

forgottenfreetime Mon 30-Jul-07 21:48:56

Oh dear, sound a bit like my trouble when bf ds. I used to go around holding my boobs in agony. Heat and Ibuprofen helped and I just had to keep taking it every day for a few weeks. I wouldn't rule out thrush to be honest - I think that its not recognised very well. In the end I put it down to ds 'clamping down' too hard. It vanished overnight when ds was six months old but was hell while it lasted.

Elles20 Mon 30-Jul-07 22:11:19

that does sound similar... mine just started out of blue after three months and I have had it now for about four weeks.... i have been prescribed mastitis antibiotics and thrush antibiotics neither of which have helped. Could it be from sleeping on that side and squashing my boob all night?? Thanks for your message (and like your nickname!)

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