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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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TheSunflowerGirl Sat 20-Jul-19 19:57:13

I am soon to have one wisdom tooth removed with local anesthetic and sedation. I am so nervous I forgot to ask any questions when I went to see the consultant to discuss this, he was nice and very reassuring and I felt better for having spoken to him but just wanted to know if I get the sedation before the local anesthetic injection? also is the operation done in a dentist's chair or in an operating theater, I have been told that it will take about 2 hours for me to come round fully after the surgery and I will have to have a responsible adult in the house for the first 24 hours after or if I cannot do this I will have to stay in hospital for the night, I am OK about staying in hospital overnight if I have to, has anyone else done this? oh and also is the procedure like a general operation procedure where you get given a gown when you arrive, put it on and hang about in a bed till its your turn for the surgery?
Thanks for any info you can give, it just helps me to feel calmer if I know what to expect.

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pp12 Sat 20-Jul-19 20:15:14

I had it one under local sedation. All I can remember is going in at 6pm sitting in the “chair” then waking up at home at 1am. Little pain I took pain killers before I went in. Not as bad as I expected

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