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Just getting over flu, but feel completely drained, how can I perk myself up??????????

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Jazzicatz Mon 30-Jul-07 17:42:10

Been really ill for over a week, but at last am feeling better, supposed to be going on holiday on Friday, but feel so tired, if I do the simplest of things I have to sit or lie down. Is there anything I can take to get over this???

Jazzicatz Mon 30-Jul-07 19:16:04


ivykaty44 Mon 30-Jul-07 19:20:33


Your body is still recovering and letting you know that you need to rest, so rest as much as possible.

Pace your chores over the next week to go on holiday. Write a list and do two jobs first day three jobs second day four jobs third day etc. Cos you will get better as each day goes on.

MrsMar Mon 30-Jul-07 19:21:37

Have you tried some Berocca? and I'd second ivykaty too, take it easy.

Weegle Mon 30-Jul-07 20:51:02

Viral infections like flu really take it out of you - it can be weeks to get your full energy back. Take it easy and enjoy your holiday! You could get a tonic at the chemist, and lots of fresh fruit & veg should get you back on track.

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