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What on earth is going on? Uti symptoms

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Footle Sat 20-Jul-19 20:16:28


PenguinsRabbits Fri 19-Jul-19 14:03:09

I had about 9 months of this last year - half the time infection would show, half it wouldn't. Every time had antibiotics got better in 2 days but then same again in a couple of weeks. One time I tested negative on NHS but had a private test same day and I tested positive but for an unusual uti. It all eventually stopped when I was given 14 days double antibiotics for a pelvic infection in hospital. Not had one since and been 1 year now.

Will never completely know what it was but all felt the same and everytime I took antibiotics I felt better in 2 days. I either had something else bacterial as well or NHS tests were missing 50% of my utis. I felt so ill with it and was so frustrating when you would come back with nothing feeling like death. I nearly hugged my private doctor when he gave me 14 days antibiotics so some spare and they always worked.

AFOLNerd Fri 19-Jul-19 12:56:33

About 6 weeks ago I started getting uti symptoms, I get them quite often so dr gave me antibiotics over the phone. 1 week course, felt better afterwards but had the odd time of not feeling quite right while peeing. Seemed to clear after 2 weeks of on and off not feeling quite right.
1 week later the symptoms are back again, so I drop a sample in for the nurse to dip. Apparently it was negative (sample was cloudy with bits in it so now really confused) after 2 days in pain I got an emergency appointment with dr and test shows infection. Dr thinks it never cleared properly and gave me a 1 week course of different antibiotics.

Finished those on wed and I still don’t feel right. Had another appointment on Thursday and sample is clear? Dr has sent it off anyway to see if anything shows.

I am so fed up of being in pain/uncomfortable.
Anyone had issues with UTIs not clearing or it being something else?

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