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High blood pressure- anxiety

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PenguinsRabbits Fri 19-Jul-19 11:58:16

I don't know much about this but my Dad has been on blood pressure meds since around 18 when he had a kidney removed and he's mid 70s now so they must have worked. He's on beta blockers.

If its a while before you see anyone you could go to GP and they maybe able to help or put mind at rest.

Scarfaceclaw21 Fri 19-Jul-19 11:44:15

I have been diagnosed with high bp (was 200/125). Meds are slowly decreasing it but it's still high (117/96 today). I am on the max dose of rampiril.

I am having a kidney ultrasound scan because I have blood and protein in my urine.i have also been referred to a kidney specialist.

I cannot stop worrying and I know it's not helping. I am panicking like fuck. I can't stop googling and reading. Please share any positive stories and help me calm the fuck down... I know I need to relax, I just can't switch my brain off.

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