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Tender and bleeding gum above one tooth

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SheepGoesBaa Fri 19-Jul-19 07:42:43

I remember an something happened about 18 months ago. I'm not too sure when but it's going back some time.

I was eating scrambled egg and I felt something pierce my gum in one are of my mouth, in the upper right. I presume it was a piece of egg shell.

I brushed and I flossed but I can't be sure I got anything out. It didn't give me any problems. I wasn't sore. Bleeding from my gums was rare. Life went on as normal for me after that. Life was busy, hectic and stressful for me to care if there was anything lodged in my gum.

I avoided the dentist for a long time but I experienced a different issue from a different are ma in my mouth and I went to my dentist and I started going back for regular checks up. I had my last check up in June. He said there was some gum inflammation and he didn't really expand on that and on what I should do about that.

Anyways lately, within the past week that very same area where I suspect a piece of egg shell pierced my gum, is giving me issues. It's right above one tooth in the upper right. There has been some heavy bleeding there when I brush my teeth. That only happened twice within the past week. It's tender to the touch as well. It's not sore or giving me pain all the time but there is tenderness.

I'm using a corysdal (spelling) equivalent. I also have a dental gel thats for bleeding gums. I use a soft toothbrush.

What do you think I should do? Should I phone my dentist and bring forward my dental check up that's due in December?

I'm under unbelievable stress over the past few weeks. I'm working pretty much 24/7 since last weekend until next week. I have a bed in work to put my head down for a few hours but that's it. I read online that stress can play havoc and can be the cause of inflammation. I wonder would that be the cause.

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TinselAngel Fri 19-Jul-19 08:04:29

Go to the dentist. You might need antibiotics.

JinglingHellsBells Fri 19-Jul-19 10:09:57

Are you in the UK? Private or NHS dentist?

Sounds as if you need a new dentist. If they mentioned gum inflammation they ought to have come up with a treatment plan. This is usually a deep clean with a hygienist at least every 4 months.

You should not only see your dentist for decay issues but you should also have a scale and polish at least 2 x a year, often more.
Have you not ever done this?

SheepGoesBaa Fri 19-Jul-19 10:13:47

I avoided the dentist for a long time. About 9 or 10 years. I went last winter for the first time since 2009 with a tooth fracture. I got a scale and polish in January. And amazingly I went back for another scale and polish in June.

I have a check up due in December with another scale and polish.

I'm not in the UK.

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JinglingHellsBells Fri 19-Jul-19 10:19:15

If you have a sore and bleeding gum that won't stop with self help hygiene you need to see your dentist.

SheepGoesBaa Fri 19-Jul-19 21:06:10

Thanks for the replies. The tenderness has lessened today for sure. The oral hygiene routine was upped this morning. Mouthwash first. 10 minutes later the brushing of teeth. Sonicare for the majority of my mouth except for the tender area. Manual soft brush there. 20 minutes later, a glass of warm water swirled around my mouth followed by a dental gel.

Honestly, it's a complete and utter pack of shit if have to do this every day. If life and work load does not allow me time to look after myself.

I won't be free until next week and even then there's question marks over it with work trying to shit on my time.

I will have to take it day by day and see how I am next week.

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Footle Sat 20-Jul-19 08:25:35

You really do need to let a competent dentist see it. You have to be sure there isn't anything more serious going on.

Anotherusefulname Sat 20-Jul-19 08:50:46

You must go to the dentist. I had a necrotizing gum infection and was lucky not to lose my front teeth. My gums were literally rotting. I had to have a deep clean with local anesthetic and antibiotics. Followed by scale and polish every three months for two years.

notapizzaeater Sat 20-Jul-19 09:09:57

Would you be even able to get to the dentist ?

Work must be breaking some laws making you work all these hours ? Getting run down won't help. Can you still with salt water as well ?

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