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Badly bruised coccyx 38 weeks pregnant

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bakingbabyv Thu 18-Jul-19 12:20:44

38 weeks pregnant and have a badly bruised coccyx. I stupidly tried to kick a football for our dog and the rug I was stood on went from underneath me and I fell straight onto my back. Baby is fine, but I am not 😂.

I did damage my coccyx in childbirth previously so that probably hasn't helped this pain but I am in agony. I can't sit down any longer than 20 minutes without being in tears when trying to get up. I'm absolutely fine walking around, that actually makes the pain disappear, but obviously being heavily pregnant I can't walk around for too long either...

Have been taking paracetamol, icing and applying heat and have also got a doughnut cushion but can anyone tell me this is going to get better 😭 or at least improve slightly by the time I give birth xx

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