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Headaches when standing up?

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Nets888 Sat 08-Aug-20 15:33:16

@GrrrAaargh, hope you don't mind me asking how was your scan? Did you find out what was causing your headaches?

GrrrAaargh Fri 19-Jul-19 12:53:27

Thanks @ShyShyShyDelilah - that's a relief to hear. I don't usually get migraines, and hormones should be ticking by just fine (not pregnant or any new hormonal meds, and I'm 39 so not expecting menopause yet), but they've not been tested recently.

It's not an urgent referral for the scan, so I assume GP isn't too worried about it. I hope the wait won't be very long, all the same.

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ShyShyShyDelilah Fri 19-Jul-19 11:57:12

@GrrrAaargh - sorry for bombarding you with posts. Is anything unusual going on for you hormonally at the moment? This is all strongly related to hormones for me. I'm dreading menopause for this reason.

ShyShyShyDelilah Fri 19-Jul-19 11:52:17

@GrrrAaargh I've just remembered - I did once have an MRI after I had a concerning aura during pregnancy about a decade ago. They wanted to rule out TIA. It came back normal, and they said "migraine". Can't believe I forgot that!

ShyShyShyDelilah Fri 19-Jul-19 11:47:38

@GrrrAaargh, sorry you have this worry.

I clicked on this because I thought "ooh I have that". When I have a headache (during a headachy phase this is quite frequent), it's usually worse when I stand up - as I stand up, I get an horrid extra throbbing pain. I've also had a tendency for years to have periods of nausea and exhaustion. From time to time I have a few hours of vomiting or dizziness which no one else ever seems to catch, which also tends to happen in a headachy phase.

I also get migraine auras sometimes (though at different times from the above) so have put all of this down to being a bit of a migrainey person. Not sure I've ever mentioned all of this to a doctor, to be honest, and it's been going on from time to time for all my adult life (in phases).

GrrrAaargh Thu 18-Jul-19 08:40:26

let MYSELF google

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GrrrAaargh Thu 18-Jul-19 08:39:18

Has anyone had any experiences of postural headaches? And if so, did you find what was causing it?

I've had this for many months now, and as they're gradually getting worse, I'm waiting for an MRI at some point. The first few months I genuinely didn't worry about it much at all - everyone gets headaches! And even when I started worrying about it, I didn't really think it would be a big deal, and have been feeling really a bit embarrassed for "wasting the GP's time" with this. But now she's referred me for the scan, I've let my google, and Dr Google obviously thinks I'm leaking cerebral fluid all over the place or have a space-occupying lesion! I'm getting spells of nausea, exhaustion and vertigo, too, which really isn't helping with this feeling of doom.

No idea how quickly I'll have the scan, so I guess I'm grasping at straws here, hoping someone turns up to say "Yeah, I totally have that and have had all the tests and I'm fine!" blush

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