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Apart from Imodium what can I take to stop me shitting myself. Ten hour flight.

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MadamePompadour Thu 18-Jul-19 02:11:10

So I'm now on day 3 of very poorly tummy. Dd also affected. Been taking Imodium from the start. Just didn't make it from the bed to the loo in time in hotel room.

Have a 10 hour flight in 36 hours and worried I still won't be better. It's diarrhoea not sickness so I can't use a bag. What if there's a queue or I need to go when the seatbelt sign is on?

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HennyPennyHorror Thu 18-Jul-19 02:13:43

Don't eat a thing. Only water.

MadamePompadour Thu 18-Jul-19 02:15:49

Think you might be right sadly.

I thought things had been ok today and then had dinner. Ten mins later all hell broke out.

Do you mean just don't eat on the plane or don't eat from now? Not sure I can manage 48 hours of no food.

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FurrySlipperBoots Thu 18-Jul-19 02:16:21

Can you postpone the flight? Quite apart from how you'd cope, the other passengers will all be at risk of contracting what you've got.

MadamePompadour Thu 18-Jul-19 02:22:36

No idea if travel insurance will cover it? Or would it need to be more serious, ie hospitalised?

I'm assuming it's food poisoning type sickness as we're on holiday in Mexico where I think it's quite common. We've had ice in drinks, salad, etc.

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isitwhatitis Thu 18-Jul-19 02:23:01

Let me guess you are somewhere like India ?! Good luck OP. You really do need to delay the flight.

isitwhatitis Thu 18-Jul-19 02:25:01

Oh, Mexico. We've had ice in drinks, salad, etc.

What the hell did you do that for?! hmm
Not having ice etc is the first thing you should do.

groundanchochillipowder Thu 18-Jul-19 02:26:19

Sorry but I think it's irresponsible to expose other people to whatever it is you've got. You're too ill to fly if you're caning Immodium and still not making it to the loo.

waterallday Thu 18-Jul-19 02:27:50

I would try and see if you can delay the flight OP, just incase it's infectious.

DaisyChainsGetBroken Thu 18-Jul-19 02:28:40

You can't fly

MadamePompadour Thu 18-Jul-19 02:29:27

Well I've stopped ice, etc now but doesn't seem to have made a difference.

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MadamePompadour Thu 18-Jul-19 02:30:06

I'll contact the insurance company tomorrow.

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PumpkinPie99 Thu 18-Jul-19 03:11:52

Yeah try imodium and you could also try and get some incontence underwear to wear on the plane, if not I would make sure you have clean clothes and plenty of spare pants with you on the plane in case the worst happens.

MadamePompadour Thu 18-Jul-19 03:21:16

I've been googling and Wikipedia says it's often caused by e.coli and antibiotics can help. I have azithromiacin so have started taking that.

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TidaQuel Thu 18-Jul-19 03:25:08

You’ll be better to stop the imodium so whatever it is can pass. Imodium is a short fix and doesn’t seem to be working got you.
There is no way to fast track to a toilet on a plane and if the seat belt sign is on, it could be unsafe for you to even try to get there. And of course in that enclosed space, you risk passing on whatever it is you’ve caught.

dreichhighlands Thu 18-Jul-19 03:28:44

Try and see a doctor OP, hopefully they will be able to prescribe something to help.

whitebowls Thu 18-Jul-19 03:39:55

You may have dysentery. My DH caught it in Mexico.
Look at your travel insurance and contact the hotel manager and airline.
Don't travel as you could infect a lot of people whatever you have.

Nevth Thu 18-Jul-19 04:29:55

It's super irresponsible for you to even try when you don't know what it is. So, you're willing to expose all these other people on the plane to an illness that has meant you can't even make it from the bed to the loo? I assume you won't have the ability to clean the plane loo properly with bleach etc either.

Sure, it may just be food poisoning, but I travel a lot with work and the amount of seriously ill people I encounter on planes (who would never consider going to work/school in their state!) makes me angry

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Thu 18-Jul-19 04:35:33

Food poisoning can still be contagious.

youngscrappyandhungry Thu 18-Jul-19 04:50:29

Abstaining from solid foods is not a bad idea, though you would only need to worry about that for 12 hours prior to takeoff, roughly. I'd follow a BRAT diet until that window with small, frequent meals of bland, simple carbs like bananas, rice, applesauce, and plain toast. Just before and during flight, stick to clear liquids. Pedialyte is great for staying hydrated, along with sports drinks and plain broths. Prescription painkillers could also help provide some temporary constipation. If you are in Mexico, you could probably get something with codeine in it over the counter. Take it prior to the flight and only if it's a medication you are familiar with, as it can affect some people differently and cause GI upset.

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Thu 18-Jul-19 04:56:18

I would be seriously unimpressed if I was sitting next to you on a long flight when you were shitting yourself and spreading your germs.

Bellasblankexpression Thu 18-Jul-19 05:03:53

You can’t fly OP and in my experience, if you’re displaying obvious symptoms at check in/gate they might not even let you (this happened to a friend who was adamant she wasn’t missing her flight but she basically didn’t make it to the toilet on time at the gate, it was quite obvious she was unwell and other passengers complained and she wasn’t allowed on).
It’s not right even if you don’t think it’s contagious you don’t know, so definitely contact your travel insurance. Have you seen a doctor? Especially if it’s been for that long, you should definitely see someone, it could be a number of infections, some more serious than others.
How badly is your DD affected?

SofiaAmes Thu 18-Jul-19 05:20:49

Who has ice and salads in Mexico?

SofiaAmes Thu 18-Jul-19 05:31:54

Anyway, you shouldn't fly and definitely don't take immodium. The whole point of diarrhea is to rid your innards of the offending bacteria. Your insurance should over the delay, although depending on the airline, if you call their customer service and explain what's going on, they may just rebook you on a later flight and waive the change fee.

TwistyTop Thu 18-Jul-19 05:37:48

Stop taking immodium. Let yourself poop your guts out. Bland food, plenty of water, rehydration drinks. Then when it's time for the flight, you start the immodium again. Also prepare for the possibility of pooping your pants and wear some incontinence underwear, as well as having some spare clothes in your carry on.

I know everyone is saying to change your flight but I'm sure if you could afford/have the time to do that then you would have already, because who the hell wants to get on a plane worrying that they will poop themselves. It's very easy to tell someone else to change a flight, quite a different matter when it's your own travel arrangements.

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