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need advice on how to speed healing of cut

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americantrish Mon 30-Jul-07 11:11:45

during a county walk this weekend, i bend down and got poked by a bit of branch on the forehead and it's left a small mark other than using savlon, is there any way i can speed up its healing? (its a bit unsightly and concealer isnt covering it )


HonorMatopoeia Mon 30-Jul-07 14:59:30

Have you tried Bio oil (I think that's the nameof it anyway!).It is really good at speeding healing, has also managed to get rid of a couple of small, old scars I had. Thoroughly reccommend it

americantrish Tue 31-Jul-07 07:15:02

thanks...i'll have a look for it when i'm in town later town with ds

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