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Perforated discs

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raspberryjo Wed 17-Jul-19 04:15:28

So for the last 5 years I've had perforated discs. When they first went it was agony but they went down after a while and presumed they were better. But recently got bad again and an mri shows they've just got worse. Now I've been prescribed tramadol because nothing seems to be working, I'm in constant agony to the point where I can't even bend to pick things up. I have 2 daughters to look after what do I do? Even the tramadol doesn't touch it really. Small tasks like standing up off the loo and picking up my dogs bowl are complete agony. Please help 😭

Tomasinaa Wed 17-Jul-19 04:36:46

Have you tried naproxen or another strong anti inflammatory. Have you also considered a TENS machine?

Does your pain flare up in episodes or is it constant? If constant, have you considered surgery?

raspberryjo Wed 17-Jul-19 05:04:23

Yes I'm also on naproxen which similar to the tramadol helps for half hour or so before glaring up again. It does have episodes usually but this one isn't going and I am currently on a waiting list to see surgeon. Will look into TENS though! Thank you x

surlycurly Wed 17-Jul-19 06:00:42

Oh my- i had this years ago... I had no idea that it could reoccur! I can honestly say that I had the worst six months of my life after my disc burst. I let it heal itself but I wish I'd had surgery. Pain wise, maybe amytripiline (sp?) or gabapentine May help a bit too although the latter made me a total depressed misery. All I can say is keep harassing the GP. Use the mental health angle.
I went back and forth to a pain clinic, spent thousands on physios and acupuncture but in the end all that helped was tramadol and time. Big unmumsnetty hugs to you.

raspberryjo Wed 17-Jul-19 06:35:05

Thank you! It's definitely a one of a kind pain. I'd completely forgot what it actually felt like. I'm going back to gp today, last time they put me on nortryptiline or something similar that blocked the nerves and think that helped. Just exhausted with it all, the pain is relentless!

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