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My arse is weeing! Help me survive the night.

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allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 03:43:31

Sorry for the crass title. I’ve got the worst Diarrhoea I think I’ve ever had and no one to talk to as it’s 3:40 in the morning.

Running to the loo every 20 mins or so. I’m lying on the sofa under a blanket so I can get to the downstairs loo easily. The upstairs one is next to my toddlers room and I don’t want to wake her with the constant flushes.

I’m trying to make myself feel better by trying to be grateful for things - at least dd is sleeping through so far tonight. At least I have the luxury of two toilets.

Not sure what I’ll do if she wakes up. I desperately don’t want her to catch this.

My mom is ill too (with something different) and she’s my usual childcare. My sister and dad are working tomorrow and dd’s dad and I have split. He’s hours away and pretty useless. How will I survive tomorrow?

Bleugh someone make me laugh please! Any stories of surviving this? How can I stop dd getting ill too? Doesn’t bear thinking about. confused

thekingfisher Wed 17-Jul-19 11:39:43

allhalekale glad you are feeling a bit more human - yes make sure you drink plenty of fluids - I cant help but grin at oven gloves and knife pincers for toast prep /...good luck today

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 08:47:44

Also have some rehydration salts in the cupboard in date so having some now too. grin

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 08:43:34

Dd is up I have no gloves in the house except oven gloves (adulting fail). Managed to hook a piece of bread out of the bag and get peanut butter on it without touching it using two knives. Felt a bit farcical but was worth a try to stop her getting it!
My mum rang and said she’s had to rush to the loo too so maybe she has the same (she thought it was something to do with her tablets).

So yeah we’re surviving thanks for asking!! Xx good advice from everyone thank you x

Nogodsnomasters Wed 17-Jul-19 07:05:52

How are you feeling now op? Pps have given good advice of wiping everything down that your daughter may touch with dettol wipes or the likes, don't let her near the downstairs toilet at all if possible, only let her use the other loo if she's potty trained. Don't prepare any food for her with bare hands and let her watch an ipad or TV all day, do basic playing like colouring in or play doh, where you can just sit beside her and watch with minimal effort.

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 06:38:12

@PotterHead1985 thanks! Just seen your comment on the vomiting teen thread. Hope you feel better soon. Xx

PotterHead1985 Wed 17-Jul-19 06:34:50

Glad you feel marginally better

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 06:30:11

Hi everyone I’ve just had a bit of a snooze!! A few sips of water did help. No toilet visits for nearly 90 mins I think AND dd is still sleeping. Winning grin

I’m going to do a big wipe round everything. I’ll live I hope she doesn’t catch it too.

Thank you for all the replies. I’m sure my family will rally round as much as they can when I tell them what’s happening. Tempted to try to hide it though because my mom will pretend she’s ok just to help and I know she’s not. I feel in pretty good spirits all things considered and you’ve all helped with that grin

stayhomeclub Wed 17-Jul-19 06:27:53

I’ve had a tummy bug that came on about a week after being stitched front to back following DSs forceps birth. Immediate diarrhoea after eating plus stitches plus destroyed pelvic floor. Hell on earth.

thenightsky Wed 17-Jul-19 06:09:01

Custard powder is a miracle in cases like this. A couple of teaspoons mixed with a but of hot water in the bottom of a mug. Eat with a spoon or drink if it's thin enough. Works instantly. Works for kids too.

vanitythynameisnotwoman Wed 17-Jul-19 05:57:16

I get that you don't really have anyone who can help - but even for an acquaintance who is poorly I'd be willing to get dioralyte or similar. Sports drink are useful too as the sugar and salts in them and dioralyte force the water to be absorbed.

And handwash with soap and water not alcohol gel, not just when you've been to the toilet but if you change your clothes or bedding. Clean all your surfaces as has been described.

If you feel feverish try and get some paracetamol down. It's tempting to take imodium but it's definitely not recommended if you have gastroenteritis as you'll just trap the bugs inside.

Be careful doing things like showering as you will be dehydrated and could get dizzy. Maybe ask you sister to come and get DD straight after work if you still feel rough. Hopefully if she gets it you'll be doing a bit better. flowers it's the most vulnerable feeling of single parenting I think flowers

vroc81 Wed 17-Jul-19 05:44:15

I had it for two days before coming on hols and managed to avoid bringing it with me for dd and dh.. washed hands well and sprayed bathroom cleaner about liberally each visit.. I also dosed up on immodium as needed to get out one day before we went and that worked..

I did have a bit of a packing disaster though.. I’m short on clothes, dd has far too many!

Anxious256 Wed 17-Jul-19 05:13:34

Any nappy crean is good. I find warm water soothing and less likely to come out compared with cold.

RubaiyatOfAnyone Wed 17-Jul-19 04:55:10

When i had a d&v bug and toddler dd home for the day, i wiped over the obvious shared contact points (door knobs and taps particularly) with bleach before she got up, gave her insta-food that didn’t involve me preparing (eg bought sandwiches, yoghurts, crisps), allowed cartoons all day and explained to her that i was poorly just for that day - it’s amazing bow young they can get the concept that you need to be looked after just for a short time. She didn’t get ill and i was so grateful. I still keep rehydration sachets and immodium in the medicine box at all times in case it happens again.

Memyselfandeye Wed 17-Jul-19 04:48:03

To avoid your daughter catching it, tons of hand washing and keep cleaning every surface you touch (taps, door handles etc). Gloves to prepare her food if you need to prepare something. I would also encourage her to eat with a fork and spoon while you’re sick, rather than her hands. Anything you can do to keep her hands (or toys) out of her mouth is a bonus.

This stuff is transmitted (mostly) through the bacteria from the faeces getting into the body through the mouth, so if you can avoid that for her, that’s the best way.

thekingfisher Wed 17-Jul-19 04:19:20

Glad to hear it's easing - try to snooze if you can ... then a rehydration tablet berrocca or the like are good?? Or if not some squash diluted just to get sugars etc back up

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 04:10:36

@over50andfab noooo! Don’t say that. I’m going to do my best to stop her getting it but your right she probably will sad

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 04:07:39

@Myimaginarycathasfleas thank you that has given me some perspective! That’s another thing to be grateful for, at least I’m at home.

I’ve never travelled with emergency knickers but I might try to remember that on my next trip. grin

over50andfab Wed 17-Jul-19 04:06:36

How can I stop dd getting ill too?

Let me think....what time does your DD wake up? Find a company that will deliver a hazmat suit with the next half hour or so - specify one with an easy opener in the bum department if possible. Then clinically sterilise the whole house and only drink previously boiled water for the foreseeable smile

If it’s one of those lurgies that’s highly catching then tbh you might be as well to just go with the flow....wishing you all the best OP hmm

PS don’t forget sudocreme is good for sore bottoms from too much pooing - or Vaseline!

Myimaginarycathasfleas Wed 17-Jul-19 04:02:56

I had diarrhoea on the last day of a long haul fly cruise. We had vacated our cabin and our belongings were on the plane. It hit me after breakfast and despite a dash to the nearest loo I didn't quite make itblush. Were it not for my spare travelling knickers I'd have been in real trouble!

I wasn't allowed to fly home so had to disembark and was holed up in a sweltering hotel room for three days till I was fit to fly. I was really panicking about the long journey home but we found a pharmacy that sold Imodium. It worked like magic.

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 03:59:33

I think I saw your thread about the drunk teen! Bless you sounds like you’re having a crummy night as well.
It’s morning in a couple of hours. Not sure if I’m pleased about that not confused

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 03:57:16

I know I need to drink water but it just seems to set things off again when I do. My tummy is not a welcoming environment just now.

I will have a couple more sips though. Thank you for the replies xx

thekingfisher Wed 17-Jul-19 03:56:22

Oh and if you can get to pharmacy type place tomorrow I found great comfort from senocalm tablets - really soothing in your tummy

thekingfisher Wed 17-Jul-19 03:55:07

I've got a puking teenager in my sitting room so up for other reasons. I had a hideous bottom night a week or so ago the night before I went on holiday. I was convinced I was not going to be able to make it on to plane but it subsided by the morning.

Upside I was quite thin for first couple of says of holiday - downside I was then constipated for the remainder of the holiday ...

Aquamarine1029 Wed 17-Jul-19 03:53:41

You poor thing. Try your best to drink as much water as you can to prevent dehydration, which will only make things worse.

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 03:50:55

@kaledoscope thank you that made me smile. smile. Sorry I have a very immature sense of humour.

Sorry that happened to you though! I’ve had a couple of close calls myself in the last couple of hours. I’d be pretty nervous if I was my knickers grin

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