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My arse is weeing! Help me survive the night.

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allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 03:43:31

Sorry for the crass title. I’ve got the worst Diarrhoea I think I’ve ever had and no one to talk to as it’s 3:40 in the morning.

Running to the loo every 20 mins or so. I’m lying on the sofa under a blanket so I can get to the downstairs loo easily. The upstairs one is next to my toddlers room and I don’t want to wake her with the constant flushes.

I’m trying to make myself feel better by trying to be grateful for things - at least dd is sleeping through so far tonight. At least I have the luxury of two toilets.

Not sure what I’ll do if she wakes up. I desperately don’t want her to catch this.

My mom is ill too (with something different) and she’s my usual childcare. My sister and dad are working tomorrow and dd’s dad and I have split. He’s hours away and pretty useless. How will I survive tomorrow?

Bleugh someone make me laugh please! Any stories of surviving this? How can I stop dd getting ill too? Doesn’t bear thinking about. confused

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 08:43:34

Dd is up I have no gloves in the house except oven gloves (adulting fail). Managed to hook a piece of bread out of the bag and get peanut butter on it without touching it using two knives. Felt a bit farcical but was worth a try to stop her getting it!
My mum rang and said she’s had to rush to the loo too so maybe she has the same (she thought it was something to do with her tablets).

So yeah we’re surviving thanks for asking!! Xx good advice from everyone thank you x

allhalekale Wed 17-Jul-19 08:47:44

Also have some rehydration salts in the cupboard in date so having some now too. grin

thekingfisher Wed 17-Jul-19 11:39:43

allhalekale glad you are feeling a bit more human - yes make sure you drink plenty of fluids - I cant help but grin at oven gloves and knife pincers for toast prep /...good luck today

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