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just been told peter almost got a transplant on friday

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MadEyeMisdee Mon 30-Jul-07 09:44:55

but it fell through.

Blandmum Mon 30-Jul-07 09:45:25


hertsnessex Mon 30-Jul-07 09:45:51

OH NO. hoping it happens soon for you misdee.


IdrisTheDragon Mon 30-Jul-07 09:46:03

That's so not fair .

Freckle Mon 30-Jul-07 09:47:13

What is the point in telling you that?? It just exacerbates your feelings of despair and anxiety.

So sorry to hear this. Hope something happens for you soon.

edam Mon 30-Jul-07 09:47:28

Bloody hell. Fingers crossed it happens SOON!

MadEyeMisdee Mon 30-Jul-07 09:47:54

thats what peter said freckle.

WendyWeber Mon 30-Jul-07 09:48:04

Oh. Damn.

WaynettaSlob Mon 30-Jul-07 09:48:36

Oh Misdee - hope this weeks berings you some postiive news.....

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 30-Jul-07 09:49:32

That's crap Misdee

MadEyeMisdee Mon 30-Jul-07 09:50:14

he only went active on urgent friday afternoon.

WallyHerbert Mon 30-Jul-07 09:50:17

Totally agree with Freckle. I can't quite believe they would tell you that. What on earth is the point of a 'nearly'.

Hope Peter gets that heart very soon.

MrsJohnCusack Mon 30-Jul-07 09:58:59

whyever did they tell you that? how cruel

really, really hoping it happens soon

Frizbe Mon 30-Jul-07 09:59:59

very sorry he didn't, agree with why on earth did they tell you that?

BandofMuggles Mon 30-Jul-07 10:02:25

Hope you get some good news soon honey, you deserve it.
<<<<crosses fingers>>>>

MadEyeMisdee Mon 30-Jul-07 10:03:25

apparently its a doc who is well know for telling people. tbh you do get used to flase calls and ones lasting five minutes etc.

so thats his errr 6th? i think.

lucky 7 maybe

Biglips Mon 30-Jul-07 10:04:40


KaySamuels Mon 30-Jul-07 10:04:50

lets hope so misdee, fingers crossed for you

wishingchair Mon 30-Jul-07 10:10:38

Got all my fingers crossed it happens soon xxx

Flower3554 Mon 30-Jul-07 10:13:28

For heavens sake, that's just plain cruel

Fingers and toes crossed here

peanutbear Mon 30-Jul-07 10:16:32

Sending you lots of love

I hope your next post is when Peter gets his new heart

And I really hope you are ok as well as you can be your amazing the strength you have

Kbear Mon 30-Jul-07 10:18:06

Lucky Lucky Seven.

Everything crossed as ever!

Aitch Mon 30-Jul-07 10:20:34

here's to lucky number seven, misdee. you really are an amazing woman, you know... i'm in awe of your strength.

Pruners Mon 30-Jul-07 10:21:00

Message withdrawn

ZacharyQuack Tue 31-Jul-07 03:12:58

An 'almost' transplant is a fat lot of good.

Fingers crossed that the real deal is happening soon.

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