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Migraine or something more?

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PinkGlitter123 Tue 16-Jul-19 19:30:57

34 years old and have a pre existing diagnosis of ulcerative colitis.
Every 3/4 months or so I get a horrible migraine. Starts with blurred/fuzzy vision which clears and then moves onto a headache over one side of my head. Then the nausea /vomiting starts followed by extreme tiredness. My friend said this seems extreme and not normal. Should I I overly concerned?

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Lilyannarose Tue 16-Jul-19 20:49:22

It's definitely worth getting checked out by a GP but it does sound like migraine.
I've suffered with them for most of my life.
*half hour visual stage. I lose up to 80% of my vision. I look at a page of text and half the letters are missing, people only have half a face etc.
It's a huge blind patch with a flickering edge.
*Then one sided numbness which spreads gradually over each finger, up my hand and arm. Sometimes effects one side of my face and tongue.
*Then the confusion. I forget peoples names. I get my words jumbled up, can't read or spell.
*Vomiting and dizziness.
*extreme sound sensitivity.
*Then the headache which feels like someone is hammering on my head.
*Followed by the sheer exhaustion and general weakness.

They are vile things. Each one is different and despite having had them for 30 years they still terrify me!!

peeblet Tue 16-Jul-19 20:53:40

yes sounds like my migraines too. awful things

thisisthetime Tue 16-Jul-19 20:56:00

Sounds like migraine to me too

PinkGlitter123 Tue 16-Jul-19 21:00:49

Thank you.
My friend panicked me a bit and said it could be a tumor or stroke 😐
Each stage seems as you described it Lily. The one today started at 10AM with my eyes blurring over and then all the other stages mentioned. Now I just feel extremely tired and just not quite myself.

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PenguinsRabbits Tue 16-Jul-19 23:28:12

That's very like what my DD has and doctor said migraines.

I think some people don't realise that migraines are more than just headaches. DD is very ill when she gets hers.

Caribbeanescape Tue 16-Jul-19 23:41:47

They sound very much like my migraines, but I would definitely see a GP to check. I take a naratriptan, which is prescription only. It doesn’t get rid of the migraine, but it does lessen the symptoms a little.

BumbleBeeWineGlass Wed 17-Jul-19 00:54:14

Deffo sounds like migraine, unfortunately where so many people with a bad headache claim migraine it means people don't understand how debilitating they can be, I have been hospitalised with them, they're terrifying at times and can mimic a stroke.

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