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If it's not a UTI what can it be?

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comingupsouth Tue 16-Jul-19 17:26:35

What could cause my bladder to burn? I feel like my pelvis is on fire.
I had 5 days antibiotic ( Nitofuranton) from the GP. Painkillers don't touch it. I have had Naproxen it didnt work. Not even Zapain ( strong ) codeine.
It doesn't sting when I wee and it's not cloudy.
I tried bicarbonate of soda in water just in case.
I feel like I'm bursting to pee but I'm empty.
I use Vagifem as part of my peri menopause strategy.
Ultrasound was clear.

Has anyone got any suggestions? Or any idea of what I can take to numb the pain?

PenguinsRabbits Tue 16-Jul-19 20:15:19

I would go back to doctors, presumably you tested positive for uti initially. In which case it will be a uti which the antibiotics haven't been enough to cure, some utis need different antibiotics.

Maybe its developed into a kidney infection. Would go back to doctors asap anyway. Probably needs more antibiotics.

comingupsouth Tue 16-Jul-19 20:44:44

I don't get urine test at GP it was done via phone call. I have had UTIs in the past and these antibiotics worked.

I'm going t try to get an appointment in the morning but of course there is no guarantee I will get one

comingupsouth Wed 17-Jul-19 14:02:38

No appointments Available at GP today, ring again tomorrow at 8 am.
Even though I rang at 8 am today.

I wonder if it's interstitial cystitis?..

stucknoue Wed 17-Jul-19 14:04:21

See your gp they should not have given you antibiotics without testing to see if you needed them and the right kind. Some uti's take multiple doses

PenguinsRabbits Wed 17-Jul-19 14:06:42

I'd be tempted to call 111 and see if you can see a doctor today. Some utis need different antibiotics.

comingupsouth Wed 17-Jul-19 14:33:25

I'm prone to UTIs so I think they just assumed. They have done the same for me before and they worked.
I'm not sure it is a UTI this time. It would be unusual for Nitrofurantoin not to clear it.

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