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Lab diagnosing STI INCORRECTLY

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mrsprice84 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:13:11

Hi all,

3 weeks ago I had some swabs taken by my GP due to some bleeding. Took 2.5 weeks for the results to come back for the GP to them call me in as they needed to discuss the results.

Was told I was showing positive for chlamydia!! WHAT? Been happily married for 10 years...together for 15. Whole world fell apart right there. GP very good throughout. I asked all the questions, where else could it be contracted from? Can it lay dormant for 15 years? If I've had it that long what would have happened during the birth of my children etc etc! Said need to talk to husband OBVS as I haven't been unfaithful.

So call husband and get him home from work to have the conversation and in the meantime GP rings me back to say there was something wrong with my swab and it was actually inconclusive!! WHAT???? She said something just didn't feel right when she was giving me my results so she looked into the results more and rang the lab to check. The lab marked the swab as invalid but somehow on the results it was showing as DNA detection and that wasn't the case.

Had conversation with my husband who categorically denies any cheating and I 110% believe him. Don't know what to bloody think about the whole process now. GP took second swap which I assume will come back negative as I haven't cheated and husband says he hasn't. I just really can't believe my whole world could have been turned upside down just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone had anything similar??

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thisnamechanger Mon 15-Jul-19 19:14:40

Yep I got that with the clap, didn't have it, test said I did. Also a friend of mine actually.

OKBobble Mon 15-Jul-19 19:22:34

My friend had this and led to the breakdown of her marriage. Obviously there were other issues but it broke down all trust for too long a period before it was discovered that the results were wrong.

mrsprice84 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:22:46

@thisnamechanger shocking!!! How did they detect yours was wrong?

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mrsprice84 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:24:22

@OKBobble oh no. I hope your friend is ok now and things worked out for the best (if things weren't right anyway)! I said to the GP - this potentially has life changing implications!! She said I know but it's easily treated...yes the chlamydia maybe but not the marriage!!!

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thisnamechanger Mon 15-Jul-19 19:38:53

They contacted me about a week later, same with my friend. Now I think about it her case was even weirder because they told her she had it, then that they'd got it wrong, then I think she went for another test and eventually she did have it after all. I didn't have it but by that point I'd had the treatment anyway which was quite a painful injection. Guy I was seeing went ballistic.

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