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Graceh20 Sun 14-Jul-19 21:34:42

Hi Everyone, just looking for a bit of advice - I’ve had two ovarian cysts, first one ruptured and second one didn’t but from my operation on the second cyst they noticed evidence of endometriosis.

I went to the doctors and just got dismissed and last week but stomach was really bloated just as it is with the cysts and lower back pain. Phoned the doctor and he told me to take paracetamol and ibuprofen and totally wasn’t interested. I’m still in pain now but have appointment soon.

Has anyone else experienced this before? Does it sound like endometriosis? Any help would be great 😊

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notyounanbread Sun 14-Jul-19 22:18:02

Yes I have endometriosis and I get this. I look pregnant most of the time.

notyounanbread Sun 14-Jul-19 22:20:22

I also find my GP less than interested, probably due to lack of knowledge. There are support groups on Facebook which I’ve found helpful.

Graceh20 Sun 14-Jul-19 23:49:24

Thanks so much!

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