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What else could cause this?

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nameswapper Sun 29-Jul-07 19:57:51

We have been trying for a baby a year now (already have children), my period is now several days late but I am testing negative on clearblue. I have backpain / tender breasts but also a feeling that I am about to come on- and have had for a fortnight (period only 4 days late) The other pg's were a long time ago and can't really remember much. Last few periods all bang on date but heavy with prolonged PMT. Any ideas? Doesn't look as if I am pg I think with the test, and starting to worry as conceived others very quickly. I am early thirties.

Peachy Sun 29-Jul-07 20:39:48

Could you do another test?

3Ddonut Sun 29-Jul-07 20:42:50

I know it sounds silly but have you tried a different brand? It certainly sounds as though you may be pg, try again, it may be too early to detect, good luck and best wishes.

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