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Will my GP refer me to an osteopath?

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beansprout Sun 29-Jul-07 14:02:40

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and ye olde problem with my sacroiliac joint has flared up, leaving me in a lot of pain.

Would my GP refer me to an osteopath or will they insist I go for physio at the hospital?

northender Sun 29-Jul-07 14:04:36

GP wil only refer you to an osteopath on the nhs if they have a contract with one. Most don't as yet I imagine.

bumperlicious Sun 29-Jul-07 14:06:13

I expect they will send you to NHS physio. My GP when I was pg said she could even recommend that I see one as they are considered "alternative".

morningpaper Sun 29-Jul-07 14:06:16


I don't know of any GP's who refer to osteopaths on the NHS

You can pay - I paid £30 per hour

morningpaper Sun 29-Jul-07 14:06:38

Physios are very good for SPD etc

Why don't you want to go?

beansprout Sun 29-Jul-07 14:07:12

I am currently paying to see one, but I can't afford to keep going!

morningpaper Sun 29-Jul-07 14:08:05


they are very nice and chilled out but evidence is not very scientific

I would really recommend giving the physios a try

beansprout Sun 29-Jul-07 14:09:02

It's not SPD, but I am scared about how I am going to feel as the pregnancy progresses. There are already days when it is difficult to walk.

I just don't have that much faith in physio as I seem to know lots of people who have gone but haven't actually got that much from it. Irrational, I know

morningpaper Sun 29-Jul-07 14:10:25

hehe Beansprout

They can recommend belts etc and careful movement e.g. how to get off a chair properly that can help with all those pregnancy things

It IS a worry

beansprout Sun 29-Jul-07 14:15:17

Thanks MP. You've helped me put aside some of my prejudices, so if I am referred, I will go with an open mind!!

morningpaper Sun 29-Jul-07 14:28:45

I find that the physios advice is very down-to-earth - very practical but very boring! But helpful and they have seen pretty much everything before

Good luck!

northender Sun 29-Jul-07 14:34:40

Worth finding out if the local physio dept has a women's health physio as they should have additional qualifications/done additional specialist courses. Sounds like a belt may really help with your SI pain.

I am a physio by the way but I'd never say all physio good all osteopaths bad. Personally my preference in pregnancy would be a women's health physio. Your midwife may be the best way to access them. Hope that helps

beansprout Sun 29-Jul-07 14:42:46

That's really helpful, thanks Northender

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