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Recurring thrush

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MGJ818 Fri 12-Jul-19 21:01:09

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with thrush since Feb 2018 shortly after losing my virginity, after that, I had thrush from Feb - June 2018. I then went on a 6-month course of fluconazole and the thrush stayed away till June 2019. However, last month it returned really badly and took ages to clear up, I am really scared that my old problem has returned. I do everything advised - probiotics, cotton underwear, no soaps, etc. I am now trying to do the candida diet but due to work commitments won't be able to do it for much longer. I am only 21 and feel like this is going to control my life, its already causing strain on my relationship and social life. I know I'm not a mum but I thought you ladies may be able to help. I am DESPERATE!

Thank you

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beckycharlie Fri 12-Jul-19 21:03:37

Has your partner also been treated? I had the same problem and it was due to me and my partner passing it back and forth, my partner had no symptoms but after using canesten cream twice a day for 2 weeks and not having sex it hasn't came back in months.

Parkinssheet Fri 12-Jul-19 21:05:15

Please make an appointment to see your GP. Mumsnet is no substitute for proper medical advice if it's not clearing up with over the counter medication. I say this as someone who had a similar problem, saw GP, all sorted.

TapasForTwo Fri 12-Jul-19 21:07:21

Have you been checked for diabetes?

Qsandmore Fri 12-Jul-19 21:09:50

Is it definitely thrush? I had this for years, went away after I split from husband but now I get it if I’m in a relationship. For me it was never cleared by thrush treatment but a Dr decided to try trimovate cream for more of a contact dermatitis/ excsma type effect and as soon as I use it the symptoms go.

MGJ818 Fri 12-Jul-19 21:45:58

@parkinssheet I have been going to gp after gp for a year now and have had no luck thought someone on here would have had a similar experience and would be able to offer me some advice as I am getting desperate.

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Parkinssheet Fri 12-Jul-19 22:00:08

OK what I didn't want to do was worry you unnecessarily, but mine was diabetes.
Although if you've been with the same partner you could be playing thrush ping pong.
If I were you I'd make an appointment with one if the senior GPS at your practice even if you have to wait a bit to get the appointment and explain.
You can't keep on like this. I know what it's like, it made me very stressed and upset. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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