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Petechia on my arms?

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followthefairytalexx Fri 12-Jul-19 13:00:13

I have a history of mild anemia. Ive noticed some petechia on both of my arms they aren’t that noticeable but I have a lot of red spots. The last time I had my bloods done was the 2nd of April.

My rbc count was: 5.08 10*12/L which was abnormal

My haemoglobin was 133 g/L

My MCV was 82.9 fL

My platelets were 207 x 10*9/L

All white blood cell counts were normal.

My iron levels were normal.

Should I be worried? How quickly can your bloods change?

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MyNameIsArthur Sat 13-Jul-19 18:29:40

Hi OP It may be worth getting another blood test done. See your GP as soon as you can. Have you noticed any bleeding or bruising anywhere else ?

I had MDS which resulted in my red cells, neutrophils and platelets to drop very low. My platelets were almost at zero and it caused bleeding and bruising and petechia all over. I needed weekly transfusions until I had a stem cell transplant. Am doing okay now and blood counts normal and am in remission from MDS.

For yourself, is important to get checked out soon . Is probably nothing but best be on the safe side flowers

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