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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids- started bleeding?!

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SenoraSurf Thu 11-Jul-19 16:28:28

I've got really awful piles (about 5), one of which is the size of a cocktail sausage. They're clearly thrombosed and the big one had a big purple splodge on it when it first grew (Sunday).
I've seen the doctor and have been given proctosedyl, scheriproct, Instillagel anaesthetic and codeine for the pain. Nothing else they can do as I'm 37 weeks pregnant.

The big one has started to bleed from the purple splodge, not a lot, but enough to bloody a wipe when I clean the area.

The pain is still preventing me from walking (without hobbling and holding my butt cheeks apart). I only seem to be comfy laying on my side which is given me aches now!

Any advice? The cream just seems to burn it all and agitate them but they're just not budging. They first appeared Sunday.

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