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Nephrology referral?

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Scarfaceclaw21 Thu 11-Jul-19 14:06:55

Anyone had kidney ultrasound and met with a nephrologist? I would be intered to know what happened, diagnosis etc.

I have extremely high blood pressure plus blood and protein in my urine. Fatigue. No other symptoms. Thanks in advance

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Chouxalacreme Fri 12-Jul-19 23:15:03

Could be something like nephrotic syndrome depending how much protein was present
Going forwards always take not of your bp and creatinine protein etc levels
Did they do bloods ? Infections etc ? Do you have any swelling pitting ? Be careful of your fluid intake and keep an eye on how much comes out also

Scarfaceclaw21 Sun 14-Jul-19 14:18:23

Thank you. My bloods are all fine, and they have been tested loads. Not noticed swelling until the last day of two when my feet have been slightly puffy

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