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Advice on gut health?

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wEbsterabi1 Thu 11-Jul-19 13:22:31

Hi guys,

I've recently been getting some symptoms of an upset gut such as bloating and pain which apparently isn't uncommon in people my age (*53!*). I was wondering how you guys keep your gut in check and whether there are any products you would recommend? Are any of you in the same boat? Thanks smile

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Delatron Thu 11-Jul-19 22:05:51

Been to a ‘gut health’ talk recently.
We made kefir, you can buy it. Very good for gut health. You can add to smoothies or yoghurt.
Lots of veggies, healthy fibre. You should try and eat 30 different foods a month. Variety is important. Cut down sugar and caffeine.

456Shannon Wed 17-Jul-19 12:10:39


Thanks for your advice, normally worse after meals! End up feeling so heavy and can't sleep well. Did they mention anything to do with this at the talk?

Egghead68 Wed 17-Jul-19 12:31:36

I think you should maybe get this checked out, especially if there has been any change in bowel habit.

Regular exercise and plenty of water are important for bowel health as is building up fibre gradually.

456Shannon Wed 17-Jul-19 13:18:22


I have been to the doctor about other issues and asked their passing advice and have been met with 'eat light meals', 'drink plenty' bit nothing seems to shift it! sad

MonkeysandParrots Wed 17-Jul-19 16:29:23

It might be worth seeing a nutritional therapist. They can advise on gut health, the best things to eat based on your symptoms etc. I’m a similar age, started to see someone 6 months ago for boating, wind, poor digestion etc., and it’s made a huge difference so definitely recommend.

nellyitsme Wed 17-Jul-19 22:42:43

i have IBS and sympathise. Get the cleverguts book by Micheal Mosely. It's been a godsend to me. Also there's a website too

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