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Ovarian cyst

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justaweeone Wed 10-Jul-19 21:12:44

Thanks Silver
That was also mentioned
However my Dh has had stones and this seems so different to his
It's an odd pain that I feel in so many places and it comes and goes in different locations
I realise that being anxious does not help

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SilverTheCat Wed 10-Jul-19 20:59:23

Kidney stone? I had this and the pain is how you describe. Look into it anyway

justaweeone Wed 10-Jul-19 19:31:09

I think I have an ovarian cyst
Went to GP and was diagnosed with UTI, this has now cleared
Had blood test today and awaiting scan date( not 2 week referral I don't think) for whole abdomen, gallstones have been mentioned but not convinced
Main pain was on right hand side but very uncomfortable to sit down with relief on standing however tonight pressure and pain in mid to left hand side
Has anyone else any experience of this and how to help the discomfort
Trying to keep it under wraps as it's my DD graduation next week
Also I am so worried

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