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Delaying period for smear test

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HugsAreMyDrugs Wed 10-Jul-19 16:52:54

Long story short, I went for a smear last week but the nurse couldn't do it so we made another appointment to try again which in two weeks. Afterwards I realised that I am actually due on period. Great.

I don't want to rearrange because I really do want to get this out of the way so got some norethisterone from online pharmacy.

Now I am worrying that taking it will effect the results some how. Anyone know if it can do that? Google isn't much help tbh.

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HugsAreMyDrugs Wed 10-Jul-19 16:54:17

Has anyone taken norethisterone to delay period for smear before? Obviously will ask nurse beforehand anyway but I am hoping it will be fine.

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WorkerBee83 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:17:21

I’ve used it for my wedding as I was due on and it gave me sore swollen boobs but I can’t imagine it having an effect on smear results xx

Mrsjayy Thu 11-Jul-19 10:23:11

I don t think it will affect the smear results a lot of women have synthetic hormones in them and it isn't mentioned in your smear letter that results will be affected.

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