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Sinuses and Humidity

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Sarcelle Tue 09-Jul-19 14:53:01

I regularly have trouble with my sinuses. I think I have Candida and it is to do with that. I am really suffering at the moment. I know that dairy affects my nose, but I have pinpointed that when it becomes humid my nose starts playing up.

Does anyone else have the same problem, any remedies. It is not an infection because it goes eventually but this is the worse I have ever experienced. So far I have tried steaming with menthol crystals, an antihistamine, Flexinase (spelling?), grapefruit seed extract in water, salt water gargle and finally a hard core spray with pepper in it that usually does the trick but not on this occasion. I also have post nasal drip like a leaky tap and my ears are also bunged up.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself, no sleep last night because when I lay down the drip becomes a tsunami (nice!) and with the prospect of no sleep tonight. Luckily my boss has said I can work from home the rest of the week, which is just as well, I look like a zombie.

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