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What do vaginal swabs test for?

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Mischone Mon 08-Jul-19 12:44:33

Had swabs taken 2 weeks ago as I've been having a burning sensation around my urethra. I do have a prolapse and all of this started after I had a baby 10 weeks ago.

UTI was ruled out by urine test so swabs were taken but they're still not back 2 weeks later.

Getting a bit of an overactive mind and thinking something's wrong for the results to be taking so long.

What do vaginal swabs test for?

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Takemetovegas Mon 08-Jul-19 13:00:11

If it was a superficial swab (not a smear) you probably had a bacterial swab and a viral swan taken.

They would diagnose a bacterial vaginitis or a viral source for the burning sensation. It's unusual that they wouldn't be back after two weeks though.

Mischone Mon 08-Jul-19 14:28:02

It was definitely not a smear as when I asked GP about having my first one (I'm 25) she said to wait until I was 3-4 months postpartum to avoid having an incorrect result

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