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Second biopsy

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Pennypringles Mon 08-Jul-19 10:18:25

Hi all, I’m new to the site 👋
I had a mammogram a few weeks ago just because of my age. I’m 47 and in our area they’d picked a percentage of under 50’s to be tested. 
Following that I was called to an out of town hospital for another mammogram. I was told at that appointment that I’d have the mammogram concentrating on a certain area. If that didn’t answer the questions an ultrasound, an physical exam and worse case scenario a needle biopsy. I had all of them. I was told they were removing calcifications.
I went for the results of that on Thursday. And told the results were “abnormal” and that an area 13mm needs further investigation and that I’ll be called in for a vacuum biopsy in 7-10 days. 
I was in such a panicked state that I couldn’t really understand what the doctor was saying and left as soon as I could. I remember her saying IF it is cancer we’ll talk about it then. 
Obviously now the panic has really set in. 
Anyone had a similar experience? What could it be other than cancer? If it’s a 13mm area/ lump why can’t I feel it? (I only have little ones! ) 
Thanks everyone 

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SnowsInWater Mon 08-Jul-19 14:30:47

If you post on the cancer thread people are very good at handholding 😊 Uncertainty and waiting for appointments and tests is the worst so it's nice to have the support.

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