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Could it be the depo?

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MissingTheMissletoe Sun 07-Jul-19 22:09:35

My teeth have always been pretty good, no issues with them apart from staining throughout my life until I was pregnant with DC3 in February 2017. Then it was constant tooth infections resulting in a root canal (which splintered and the entire tooth had to come out). Needed three further fillings in my back teeth but other than that the issues died down a bit after I gave birth.

Been breastfeeding for 18 months now but didn’t start having any more issues with my teeth until DC3 was about 9 months old and I went on to the depo injection. Over the last year my front teeth have started crumbling, I’ve lost one of my back teeth (the filling cracked which somehow caused the tooth to crack too).

My teeth are awful now, constantly aching whenever I eat or drink. I’m too scared to go back to the dentist about my front teeth because they’ve crumbled so much that I don’t think she will be able to save them. I am so embarrassed to talk or smile now, have to hold my hand in front of my face if I do (honestly not over exaggerating the state of them).

I know I’ll need to get up the courage to have them done, just wondering if the depo jag could be causing this? Or if it’s just a combo of pregnancy/breastfeeding? I’m otherwise healthy if that helps.

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