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Can anyone give me some examples of questions to ask Bupa prior to signing up?

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H0neyandme Sat 06-Jul-19 10:12:34

My husband and I are trying for our second baby and we are signing up for Bupa Fully Comprehensive cover. I only have a few questions in mind for them and was wondering if any other moms can give me anymore, which I may be unaware of.
My questions are as follows:

• Does the private hospital have a NICU or blood bank? If not, do you offer private wings in NHS hospitals?
•What will be the maximum out of pocket cost, after the deductible, in the event everything went wrong?
•In the event I experience postnatal depression, will it be considered preexisting due to the fact that I have suffered from anxiety in the past, not pertaining to pregnancy?

I delivered my son 5 years ago in an amazing hospital back in the States. I want to have an amazing experience with this second baby as well and the healthcare part of it has me absolutely stressed.
Any info is greatly appreciated.

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MountainDweller Sun 07-Jul-19 00:33:28

Most importantly you need to check how long you need to have the insurance before the maternity benefits kick in - you probably won't be covered for pregnancy straight away. I wouldn't start the conversation by saying you are signing up because you're TTC, just ask what the maternity benefits are and when they'll be covered.

You may find there is a limit for total maternity benefit , eg a limit for a VB, CS, etc, rather than a maximum out of pocket charge. The system is a bit different to the US.

I am with Bupa abroad (in a country where health insurance is compulsory), but haven't used the maternity benefit. Answering based on my general experience and that of a friend who did give birth.

Yes I would ask if PND would be covered, based on the fact that your anxiety will be excluded as an existing condition. It could be that if you did get PND they will ask your doctors' opinion on whether it is connected, so they may not be able to answer definitely before the event.

I have a membership booklet that lists exactly what they do and don't cover, they may be able to email a copy before you sign up.

It's possible to have no deductible for most things though obviously you pay more for the cover. I think maternity benefits might be one of the things that is capped though.

Happy to answer questions though as I'm abroad the policies will be slightly different.

H0neyandme Sun 07-Jul-19 06:45:13

This is such great information. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I copy/pasted your answer and texted it to my husband as soon as I read it.

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MountainDweller Sun 07-Jul-19 23:19:56

Only just saw this but so glad it was helpful. Good luck with Bupa and TTC!

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