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Pain in my chest

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irekd Sat 06-Jul-19 01:42:38

So I'm always in hospital for one thing or another
I don't want to make a fuss as it's like half one in the morning
I've three kids asleep my partners asleep also
I've got this pain in my chest
In the centre
Really sharp hurts when I breathe
It's not heartburn or indigestion
For a few weeks I've been having heart palpitations for first time in my life and my blood pressure is high but no medicine

I think it feels more to the right of the centre of my chest
I don't want to ring 111 they ring an ambulance and that will freak people out

I'd say I'm rather uncomfortable than in pain

How do I know weather it's serious or not ?
Any advice
Can't ask on fb coz I'll be drama queen

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hormonesorDHbeingadick Sat 06-Jul-19 01:47:28

The only way to find out is to be assessed by a medical professional. You need to get it checked out.

RubberTreePlant Sat 06-Jul-19 01:49:21

"Sharp when i breathe" sounds like it might be pleurisy, but if in doubt, call 111.

DecomposingComposers Sat 06-Jul-19 01:53:55

No one on here can tell you what it is - it could be any number of things. You really need to get it checked.

Pantsomime Sat 06-Jul-19 01:55:21

Ask a Dr not the uninitiated

RubberTreePlant Sat 06-Jul-19 02:01:20

How is it now?

Do you tend to worry?

irekd Sat 06-Jul-19 02:02:43

Thank you everyone

- it's the same I'm laying down
No I'm not usually a worrier tbh

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EBearhug Sat 06-Jul-19 02:29:46

It's chest pain. You don't know the cause. You need to seek proper medical assistance urgently - an ambulance would not be out of place, because it could be serious, and only a medical professional doing a proper examination can tell you that, not strangers on the Internet.

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