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24 hour ECG holter monitor results meaning?

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sweetnsuga123 Sat 06-Jul-19 01:06:40

I've had chest pain, missed beats etc. so had a 24 hour ECG. This was my latest result. Can anyone explain what this means? I've read sinus tachycardia is benign so why do I feel so bad?

-Predominant rhythm is sinus

-Three isolated ventricular beats seen

-One isolated atrial beat seen

-Episodes of sinus tachycardia noted- mean HR 141 BPM longest episode lasted 1322 QRS- 09:20

-Min HR= 40bpm

-Max HR- 182 bpm

-Mean HR- 76 bpm

-Patient event markers activated- ECG correlates with sinus/ sinus tachycardia and artifact

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AnnaMagnani Sun 07-Jul-19 10:14:03

The only way to interpret this is with your medical history and with your cardiologist.

Sinus tachycardia is just posh language for heart going fast

However good news
- no scary/dangerous rhythms were found
- the times you felt bad actually correlated with when your heart rate was fast on the ECG. Often people do this test and when they feel bad correlates with nothing so at least you have an explanation.

So you have an explanation of what is happening when you feel bad and something for your doctor to work with.

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