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Is this some sort of seizure?

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Teaandcake Fri 27-Jul-07 20:16:36

Hello, I have a very happy and healthy, fully breastfed, as yet unweaned (don't know if bf is relevant) 20 week old DS.

Since he was around 10 weeks he has had small episodes of shaking when he is feeding. Always happens when he is pretty much alseep and very relaxed. His head starts to shake for about 5-10 seconds then stops. He doesn't seem to be too hot when it happens and his airway is also clear.

DH witnessed it tonight as DS was feeding before bed time, he thinks DS's head was a little warmer at the time.

It happens maybe once or twice a week and does not seem to bother him at all. Is this a seizure of some kind? Do I need to see our GP? It comes without warning so probably couldn't predict it for the GP to see for himself.

Hope some of this makes sense. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


BandofMuggles Fri 27-Jul-07 20:20:03

I hope it isn't but have no exp, so bumping for you.

MadEyemarthamooDy Fri 27-Jul-07 20:22:04

Babies sort of shudder when they do a wee sometimes. Could it be that? I can't remember mine doing it for as long as 10 seconds though.

I would see your GP if you are at all concerned - it doesn't matter that you can't show him, you can describe it as you have on here. He doesn't sound like he has anything wrong with him but if it would put your mind at rest it's worth a visit. IMO, GPs are always happy to see new babies - they would rather you went than worried.

scattyspice Fri 27-Jul-07 20:24:31

Ask your HV.

But next time he does it see if you can stop it by nudging him / stopping feeding / shouting etc. If its a fit he won't snap out of it.

My DS used to have shivery / shakey episodes when dropping off to sleep and sometimes used to nod off with eyes open so they sort of rolled up (alarmingly), but could always stop it by waking him up.

Some babies do weird things!

mangojuice Fri 27-Jul-07 20:29:09

You could film a few feeds and see if you could catch it on film, to show to your gp

BandofMuggles Fri 27-Jul-07 20:31:37

TBH I would ask your GP, not the HV, but then I am biased as had crap HV and excellent GP.

Filming it is good idea, even if only on your phone.

Teaandcake Fri 27-Jul-07 20:47:24

Thank you so much for all your speedy replies.

Have tried waking him up/calling his name when it happens but it makes no difference. Haven't tried taking him off the breast though, that would usually wake him if he wasn't ready to stop. Will try.

I did think about asking my HV whether it was something to see the GP over but I have very little faith in her. Thought I would ask the wise MNers first, you all have far more sense!

I will visit our GP next week, I guess it can't hurt to ask him what he thinks.

I like the idea of trying to film him as it happens, will definately try that.

Thanks again.

BandofMuggles Fri 27-Jul-07 20:48:44

If he's weeing you should feel his nappy go warm.
Could be a quick way of seeing if it's that.

Teaandcake Fri 27-Jul-07 21:07:56

Ahh, didn't think of that! Currently using cloth nappies so not quite as easy but will have a go.

God, I love Mumsnet! Thanks again all.

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