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Private health care costs

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OldJoseph Thu 04-Jul-19 15:56:58

So we're thinking of getting private healthcare through DH's work but Id like an idea of how much it would be otherwise.

It would be for me and 3 dc. I'm 50, non-smoker. Dcs are pretty healthy.

Not much of a family for a family history but dm did get cancer, but it didn't kill her.

Whenever I start a search, the costs are advertised as from say £3 per month but I don't suppose that's what I'll pay. I don't want to fill in lots of forms before I get a price, I just want an idea.

If you could give me an idea of how much you pay, that would be great. Also, is it worth covering DC with private healthcare? I'd imagine the NHS is pretty good with them.


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