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Chronic fatigue

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LadyBirr13 Wed 03-Jul-19 21:29:23

I'm always tired! Even if I've had the best sleep in the world. Have been to the gp about this, had bloods checked, not low on anything and all seems normal.
Sleep about 7-8 a night, have two children 4 and 7, who wake now and again but really not a massive thing.
Wasn't even this tired when they were newborns!!
Why am I so tired?! Anyone else??

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swingofthings Thu 04-Jul-19 07:55:50

It could be that although you are getting enough total hours of sleep, the quality of it is poor, ie. you spend a lot of time in light sleep and not enough in deep sleep. This is usually the case if you are regularly woken up in the night, or feeling stressed/anxious. Over time, it leads to extreme fatigue both mentally and physically.

PenguinsRabbits Thu 04-Jul-19 13:46:59

I think it can be poorer quality sleep by it being broken plus stress from looking after 2 kids and working. Any anxiety or depression can cause tiredness too.

Maybe try getting an extra hour's sleep or a break if that's possible. Sometimes exercise can help. Hope you feel better soon.

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