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Cancerous Moles referral

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ElyElyOy Tue 09-Jul-19 19:48:12

Thank you everyone (no notifications for some reason)

There are 5 that appear similar (I am VERY moley so as a % of my moles this isn’t a lot grin), maybe 6, so I will point them all out and be prepared to get my kit off blush

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AnnaMagnani Fri 05-Jul-19 09:28:04

It's very unlikely that you have tens of them - in that case it becomes far more likely that the majority are something else.

Do be prepared to show all of your skin at the appointment. The doctor will check everywhere as it isn't unusual for the lesion you were referred for to be completely normal, and then they pick up a worry somewhere else.

LiliesAndChocolate Fri 05-Jul-19 05:18:37

BCCs that look like a mole are called pigmented bcc and are quite rare so you wouldn't have several of them on your body.
Bcc usually look more like a small pimple or a fair scab.

Even if localised they usually have to cut deep and large to remove it.
Mine was on the side of a nose and it was a specialised dermatologist surgeon who removed it and unless I point you to the scar, you wouldn't notice it. However, this is not the norm, so make sure to have a plastic surgeon remove it if on face as sometimes the scarring is impressive.

LarkDescending Thu 04-Jul-19 23:29:39

NB my BCC didn’t look anything like a mole. It was a raised, slightly shiny pink bump about the size of a 10p piece - like you might expect if you had bumped your head (but I hadn’t). Eventually it developed a crater in the middle which made it easy for the consultant to diagnose as BCC. (But there are several types and presentations of BCC).

LarkDescending Thu 04-Jul-19 23:19:46

I have had a BCC removed from my temple. They are common on sun-exposed areas of the body but not so much on “covered up” parts. When you are seen in clinic do mention any lesions you are concerned about, not just the ones the GP has seen.

ElyElyOy Wed 03-Jul-19 21:22:36

I saw my GP the other week about a couple of dodgy moles. She has made an appointment for me at the skin clinic as she suspects BCC (I think that’s the term she used) where they are non-invasive cancers that might need removing but not urgently.

I’m not worried as such. However what does concern me slightly is I have lots of these. There were 2 I showed the GP, but I have quite a few more on other areas of my body. I’m quite insecure physically and have very low body confidence and keep covered up and don’t look at myself so I hadn’t really noticed them until i really had a look today.

Is it possible to have multiple BCC but that they aren’t linked? How does removal work? Has anyone had this?

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