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Blood pressure

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Flossie44 Wed 03-Jul-19 07:53:29

Has any one got wise words regarding blood pressure??

I used to have high blood pressure (about 158/96). I changed my lifestyle and managed to bring it down without the use of medication. It was consistently about 120/70 for a while.
Anyway, last night, after an epically long fast day, following an incredibly stressful week, I felt really odd. I was utterly exhausted, but still had to cook dinner, sort the kids out etc. I did my blood pressure and it was 161/96. I feel gutted. Id worked so hard to get it down. And in fact it had stayed down several months.
This morning it’s been variable between 150/90 and 134/84.
Is this normal to have such varying fluctuations?? Do I need to be concerned or do anything. I know I’ve had a stressful week. But now this is counter productive as I’m worrying!!

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