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fatigue that won't go

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girlofthenorth Tue 02-Jul-19 20:21:29

Asking here but posted in is this normal but no replies !
As a bit of back ground , I'm 48 in menopause. 3 years in .
Last month I started feeling very tired , more than normal , though I do have a chronic illness that makes me tired . I had a raised Heart rate of 120-130 one evening whilst out with friends and went into AE - also had associated with breathlessness and dizziness.
All tests normal . Bloods normal , chest X-ray normal . No clot . Have referral for cardiologist but it's taking ages. My ecg was a bit non specific but nil acute. My palpitations have more or less stopped.

It was thought I might have a virus or allergies which were causing the breathlessness as I had a hoarse voice and rib pain and I was given steroids . I do feel a bit better - less palpitations slightly less breathless walking up hills but I'm just SO tired - it just won't shift! Heart failure bloods fine.

Has anyone else experienced this 3-4 on after a virus ? I don't really know if it's a virus I had ! Nothing concrete to put finger on . Think GPs think I'm crazy. My mum died of leukaemia- am I just being paranoid ?

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