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frozen shoulder

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sebashocked Tue 02-Jul-19 19:32:03

Hi. I had surgery about a month ago and it has made a big difference to my range of movement and pain. Tried one steroid injection which made bugger all difference and would not have been advisable to repeat as have a couple of dodgy tendons. Surgery wasn't as bad as I expected and have two very neat little holes. I'm doing lots of physio and making good progress though expect it will be about a year before everything is fully-functional again. Worst part of the experience was being woken up to mobilizer the arm every two hours through the night so that it didn't 'freeze' up again.

bamboowarrior Tue 02-Jul-19 19:24:50

I have been referred for urgent keyhole surgery on my frozen shoulder, as it's so acute and been ongoing for one year, am unable to work or sleep, barely able to drive, on mega dose of cocodemol and oramorph at nighttime, should I opt for steroid injection first or just wait for op, on urgent list hopefully will happen in next month.

Any negative from surgery?

It's been a year to get a diagnosis, 5 physios, 2 osteopaths, 2 GPs, and only the surgeon mentioned frozen shoulder yesterday! Am in disbelief really at these
other professionals!!!! When I read about frozen shoulder, I am a textbook case (although extreme end for sure!)

Any advice most welcome 🙏🙏🙏

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