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Broken shoulder- fed up

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xxyzz Thu 04-Jul-19 22:22:11

I had a follow up X ray after 6 weeks showing the bone had healed OK - think the 6 week mark for an X ray seems fairly standard? As after 6 weeks typically you can take the sling off. (Do you have a sling?)

And yes, the pain from a broken bone I read somewhere is worst for the first 2-3 weeks, which was largely my experience. I can now lie (uncomfortably but still) on the side I broke and can do everyday things like open a bottle or an envelope. I remember the first few days where I couldn't even tear a sheet of loo roll!

xxyzz Thu 04-Jul-19 22:16:17

I wrote about my broken humerus a few days ago but got no responses, so as another poster who gets your pain, have some more sympathy from me.

I'm impressed you've already had advice from a physio - I broke the neck of my humerus nearly 8 weeks ago and have only finally seen a physio today. I literally nearly wept with relief - I finally have some exercises to do.

The good news as someone who is a few more weeks along than you is that the bone does heal. The bad news - though yours may be better if you've had physio from early on - is that that doesn't mean you can move the bloody thing much. And I'm sick of the pain.

I haven't even seen my GP to get painkillers - the receptionist refused to make me an appointment as I was booked to see the physio already. What painkillers do you have and do they work? I've just been taking paracetamol or ibuprofen, neither of which have any effect.

In my case, I've only had about 2 days off work, just been working from home doing one-handed typing as I have a desk job. Only did that as it was an incredibly busy period at work and didn't want to let people down. Wish I could have had a few weeks off - so tired. So if you've had the time off to recover, that's probably good in the long run if boring now.

LesLavandes Thu 04-Jul-19 21:24:28

Did you write a few weeks ago? It was the day of accident.

I wrote back. I broke top of my humerus too end March.

I saw my consultant a couple of weeks ago. I don't have full movement despite all the exercises. Now I have frozen shoulder. I need cortisone injection abd more physio but my hospital are very behind abd that will take ages.

I understand. The pain abd impairment of movement is horrendous. I can do most normal things mow but still get pain. I'm fed up too.

It will improve in time.

Sharpkat Thu 04-Jul-19 21:11:58

Ah ok. I broke my right clavicle in 5 places last August and had an ACJ reconstruction. It has been and still is a very long recovery time.

Hope you are on the mend as soon as possible. Do all the physio you can.

Whoopstheregomyinsides Thu 04-Jul-19 12:33:57

Humerus at top

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Sharpkat Thu 04-Jul-19 00:11:45

Is it your clavicle?

Whoopstheregomyinsides Thu 04-Jul-19 00:01:27

I fell on it - shoulder took full impact. If only I’d got my hand down...😡

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TheSpottedZebra Wed 03-Jul-19 21:00:33

I have no idea (sorry!), but masses of sympathy for you!
How did it happen?

Whoopstheregomyinsides Wed 03-Jul-19 20:59:07

Just bumping again. I’m tearful and sore

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Whoopstheregomyinsides Mon 01-Jul-19 19:12:58

Hopeful bump

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Whoopstheregomyinsides Mon 01-Jul-19 17:04:13

Has anyone broken theirs and happy to share their recovery and experience? I’m three weeks in after a dislocation and breaks in 3 places. I’m fed up of being off work and incapable of doing house stuff. In a lot of pain still but if I take the prescribed tablets I’m off my face/ asleep. Just want to know when I can go back to desk job (I can and do WFH some times) and how much I can push it. Physio says exercise without it hurting but it hurts pretty easily. Will I get a new X-ray? What can I expect ? Thanks all

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