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TMI.... lumps in vagina after childbirth

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Pepperwand Mon 01-Jul-19 14:29:36

Sorry for the TMI. My DC2 is 6 weeks, he was a big baby and came quickly so I had a cervical prolapse immediately after his birth. Saw the midwife in week 2 or 3 who confirmed it had gone back to how it was before. Saw the GP the other day for my 6 week postnatal check and she took a look at my stitches and confirmed the skin had all healed. So today I thought I'd have a check that I couldn't feel my cervix and the prolapse was indeed gone which it does seem to be. However I've got two small lumps inside my vagina that definitely weren't there before. I was immediately quite worried but from having a quick Google they do mention that you can get vaginal cysts after childbirth. I actually had a vaginal cyst surgically removed in the past although that was further up so I couldn't feel it and was only detected at a smear test. I don't know whether I should get it checked out by a GP or just leave it and keep monitoring them so I can pick up any changes. I'll be having a smear test in 6 to 8 weeks so maybe I should wait until then? I don't want to waste anyone's time but I also don't want to leave it if it could be anything more serious. I feel totally well otherwise.

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gamerchick Mon 01-Jul-19 14:31:19

Are you sure they're lumps and not poo going down your rectum?

Pepperwand Mon 01-Jul-19 15:18:54

Hmm they definitely feel like lumps, sort of hard and about the size of a pea? I suppose a bit like a smooth skin tag if I was trying to describe it!

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NoSauce Mon 01-Jul-19 17:32:02

Sounds like tags from being stitched OP.

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