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Feeling like a bit of a dick....could all this be due to low iron?

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hazeyjane Mon 01-Jul-19 12:46:16

I have been feeling dreadful - wheezy, short of breath, can't sleep, yesterday felt dizzy and nearly set the kitchen on fire because I forgot I was melting some butter in a pan....

This chestiness/general shit feeling has coincided with a very heavy period, it has gone on longer than usual and is very 'clotty'. Got myself into a huge panic because 16 years ago I had a trophoblastic tumour, which meant I had a year of chemotherapy, and was monitored for tumours in my lungs and brain - at the time I spent about a year having a 'period' and passing heavy clots. I was on lifetime follow up, but they stopped this last year (probably due to budgeting)

Have taken the morning off work, phoned Charing Cross (the specialist centre that monitors trophoblastic tumours). They thought it unlikely that it is related, but said to get chest listened to and possibly xrayed.

So I have just seen the nurse who said chest sounds clear although oxygen levels are low, I burst into tears she said I seemed like I needed a break from doing too much and it was probably a combination of menopause and needing inhalers.

When getting prescription I remembered having very low iron a couple of years ago (ferrous fumerate was on prescription notes) - feeling chesty, washed out and it low iron do you think? (With a dose of panic attack thrown in?)

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Seeline Mon 01-Jul-19 12:50:36

Could easily be. Symptoms would fit with low iron (although lots of other things as well). Go to the GP and ask for some blood tests.

roundturnandtwohalfhitches Mon 01-Jul-19 12:57:50

Absolutely. I am prone to low iron- I feel dizzy, tired, achy, out of breath, forgetful, low bp and generally shit. In my 40s I started to take 2 spatone a day and now feel better than ever. I am convinced I was borderline anaemic for most of my 30s.

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