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bananaskin123 Sun 30-Jun-19 22:02:28

DH managed to fracture his skull in a freak accident six weeks ago. He had been home for three weeks with the District Nurses changing the dressing every day as it was very manky and leaking. By last Tuesday it was possible to see that the wound was breaking down. On Friday he was admitted to the hospital where he had the initial surgery and had the wound cleaned out and the titanium dressing removed yesterday as the surgeon believed this was colonising bacteria. There is some packing that's been left in as they were afraid to remove it as he had a massive bleed during the initial surgery, We've been told this packing can dissolve within about six months and is seeweed like. We've been told that there may be infection there but the vancomycin and the wound clean should help this.

Today he's been started in Vancomycin IV to try and cure the infection, He's definitely going to be in hospital for at least a week, Just wondered if you can come home on IV antibiotics or, if you had the choice you'd stay in hospital until you were changed over to oral antibiotics. This would be my choice but he's so desperate to get out, I'm worried the wound could open again.

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