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2 week period- worried sick... TMI warning

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Random1972 Sun 30-Jun-19 16:56:02

I’m 46 and regular up till now with periods. Last period seemed to be tapering off as usual but I had an unexpected deluge last Saturday. Things started to taper off during the week but on Friday I had bright red blood with a weird salty/ sweet odd smell. Bleeding for 2 weeks apprising all, but with some almost clear days.

Then today I’ve got more bleeding but darker in colour. Smells a bit like an infected wound ( vomit emoji, so sorry for TMI).

Last smear about five years ago.

I’m obviously fearing the worst and will see dr tomorrow.

Can anyone offer any advice, please as I’m worried sick that this is more than just menopause related.

No other symptoms at all.

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Random1972 Sun 30-Jun-19 16:56:56

‘2 weeks approximately in all’ so far

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BatFacedGirl Sun 30-Jun-19 17:17:41

Well I'd be thinking menopause related at your age. I'm 47 and my periods are the same as ever in length but I've had a little bit of flooding the last couple of months. And I suspect it's them changing just a little as I approach menopause. Its quite a shock though because I've had over 3 decades of light and normal periods.

I've made an appointment with the doctor for beginning of August for blood tests. I suggest you see your doctor and explain what's happened. don't be fobbed off with menopausal stuff - it more than likely is but I think fibroids should be ruled out first

BatFacedGirl Sun 30-Jun-19 17:18:44

Oh and don't fear the worst! Honestly this is more than likely your periods just beginning to go a bit haywire! Just see the dr and get that confirmed

Northernlurker Sun 30-Jun-19 17:20:11

I think it's more than likely menopause messing with your periods rather than anything else. Your gp will able to discuss what tests you could have. If you're not already using an app to track your periods I would start, will be helpful to log bleeding etc.

Smellybluecheese Sun 30-Jun-19 17:22:03

This is almost exactly what’s happening to me at the moment. I’m 46 too. The bleeding seems to come back more with activity/ exercise. Have my smear on Tuesday and will see GP but am worrying also.

Random1972 Sun 30-Jun-19 17:28:24

Thanks so much everyone. It’s so nice of you take the time to post.

It’s so weird that you mentioned exercise, because the deluge was on a fun run when I thought my period was over- and that was 8 days ago!!

I’d probably be thinking menopause it is wasn’t for the smell. It just seems very wrong- I normally just get a normal iron/ blood smell.

I’ve pretty much convinced myself I have something terminal.

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Smellybluecheese Sun 30-Jun-19 20:20:29

I have also had the unusual foul smell and it’s that that’s making me think it’s something sinister too. If you don’t mind sharing I’d be interested in what your dr says (I’ve no way of getting to one until later in the week).

Smellybluecheese Sun 30-Jun-19 20:22:44

Oh yes I got a deluge today after going on a run when I thought it had all cleared up yesterday. Also happened last wed after a run. I’m on day 11 of weird stuff now. First I had a stinky period :vom: and then the weird deluges started.

Chewbecca Sun 30-Jun-19 20:32:57

I’m same age as you and my extra bleeding was caused by polyps - now removed.

swingofthings Mon 01-Jul-19 07:56:03

Periods change so much during the perimenopause. I went from very light periods every 20 days, to no periods for 3 months, to only brown discharge, to very red periods every 2 weeks (that went on for almost 3 months), back to very light periods and then a total deluge period that lasted over a week.

The menopause will also affect smells.

If you are worried, it is ok to see your doctor who might do testing, but this is definitely not uncommon during the perimenopause.

Random1972 Mon 01-Jul-19 11:20:20

Thanks again for the advice above.

I just had an appointment with the most amazing nurse, who has done a smear, blood test and urine test. She was doing this as a bit of an MOT really rather than because she was concerned.

She showed me pics of a healthy and unhealthy cervix and compared it to mine ( which looked fine).

She said that using tampons for many many days can increase chance of infection/ smell as the vagina’s natural balance gets disturbed.

Infection swab will be back in s few days but the smear will take longer.

I feel very reassured - she said that it all sounded menopause related and not sinister.

I will update when I know more. It has really helped me to chat about this with you so thanks so much for everyone’s kind words.

I am now a bit concerned

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Random1972 Mon 01-Jul-19 11:21:02

...rather than worried sicksmile
( posted too soon, sorry)

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Smellybluecheese Mon 01-Jul-19 13:11:49

Thankyou for updating, that’s really reassuring. I’m seeing the nurse for my smear tomorrow so maybe I’ll ask for some swabs and bloods as well.

Wheresmyshittingmeat Mon 01-Jul-19 19:32:30

Random I had exactly this with smell too. Mine went on for 4 weeks. It turned out to be thickened womb lining and a polyp. I had it removed and a coil fitted and all ok now.

PenguinsRabbits Tue 02-Jul-19 10:52:44

I am a similar age and three periods last month and I suspect its just body going haywire as menopause approaches. A smell could be infection and always best to get these things checked. Fibroids are pretty common as well and cause bleeding.

Smellybluecheese Tue 02-Jul-19 15:27:59

So turns out my issues have been caused by having a tampon stuck up there (mortified). I think it’s been there since my last period. So that is embarrassing but a massive relief

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