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Period like cramps, but NOT period or pregnant

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Monkeybar Thu 26-Jul-07 21:20:28

I have been getting cramps throughout today, a bit like period pains, definitely feel uterine and reminded me of what it felt like in the early stages of pregnancy with ds. I'm on about day 10 of my cycle, I'm NOT pregnant (and have just done a pg test to be certain). It's not ovulation pain because it's in the wrong place. Not hugely painful, just annoying and uncomfortable. Any idea what it could be please?

octo Thu 26-Jul-07 21:21:41


Monkeybar Thu 26-Jul-07 21:25:27

Not constipation, but thanks for replying - I guess I'm just overly concerned about any possible reproductive organs problem as trying (and failing) to conceive dc2

octo Thu 26-Jul-07 21:27:27

I am not sure about TTC problems - but I hope you get it sorted soon xx

vixma Thu 26-Jul-07 21:40:00

if it lasts longer than 3 days go to the doctor.

Spidermama Thu 26-Jul-07 21:43:41

Ovulation pains? Mine have got worse lately.

chacha3 Thu 26-Jul-07 21:44:01

have you got a coil???? mine always plays up half way thro cycle

Quootiepie Thu 26-Jul-07 21:44:18

trapped wind? Could be really anything I guess, wind, constipation, cyst(s), fibroids, emdometriosis (correct those at your leisure ). x

taxidriver Thu 26-Jul-07 21:44:49

is it a muscle?

Monkeybar Thu 26-Jul-07 21:51:27

Thanks for all the suggestions - although now feelign a bit like a quizmaster!
Don't THINK it's ovulation pains, as very central and my ov pains are usually very distinct left or right, not central. I haven;t got a coil, don't THINK it's wind, (too spasmodic and crampy). I;ve had cysts before and that was 'sided' rather than central. I don't have fibroids or endometriosis to my knowledge, adn it doesn't feel like a muscle to me - for the spasmodic, crampy reason. I would love it to be the early stages of pregnancy, but I know it isn't. If it's still a problem after the weekend, I'll go and see my GP

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